Interiors 2020-2021

The inspiration for this series of paintings, like many of my paintings in the past, has been the studio space, a well-known subject in the history of art. I reference aspects of my own studio, windows, skylight, and objects, but other things are invented. The enclosed space of the studio represents a place of creative freedom. I place a lot of emphasis on movement and dynamics so the spaces the figures interact with are very active. I imagine the studio to be like an enclosed alchemist’s chamber, a place of transformation and change and a metaphor for the human body.

Small Paintings 2021

A selection of exploratory small paintings, on canvas board, which range over a number of disparate themes and subjects; still life, landscapes both imaginary and derived from drawings in situ. I loved making them and moved from one painting to the next very quickly. They have a lighter, more airy feeling than the larger interiors and are mostly a response to outdoor spaces.

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